Dru (dame_drusilla) wrote,

About this journal

(This is a journal for a fictional character in the ctd_epiphany game. None of the people or events described in this journal are real.)

Who am I? Well, my parents named me Doreen Cunningham, but ever since I was thirteen, I found out my real name is Drusilla - or Dame Drusilla ni Scathach, knight of the barony of Vellumton, to name me fully. But that's a real mouthful, so just "Dru" is fine.

Description: Doreen Cunningham (or “Dru” as she prefers to be called) is a striking young woman with fine features. Thick black hair hangs to her waist, sometimes held back from her face with a hairband. Her eyes are an unusually vivid shade of blue. She prefers comfortable casual attire in shades of deep blue, white, or black, and always wears a representation of a black unicorn’s head somewhere on her person.

In her faerie mien, Dame Drusilla’s hair is a rich raven-black that glimmers with deep blue highlights when the light strikes it just right. She has an unblemished porcelain complexion, and displays the fine features and pointed ears typical of the sidhe. Her eyes are a deep sapphire blue, and her clear, level gaze misses nothing. Her usual voile consists of a gambeson of quilted midnight-blue leather, cinched at the waist with a belt of black leather tooled with images of unicorns in a forest. Her legs are covered by form-fitting black trousers and soft leather moccasin boots decorated with the image of a rearing black unicorn with a silver horn and hooves. A slender sword is belted at her hip, encased in a scabbard decorated with a black unicorn’s head with a flowing mane and a silver horn.

Fictional character of thegamemistress
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